Frequently asked questions

1. Can your solar generators be recharged with solar panels?

Yes! Our solar generators can be recharged from solar panels, Grid power(NEPA), as well as generators

Each unit is supplied with an AC charger and an optional charge controller as well as solar panel.


2. Can I use your solar generator without a solar panel?

Yes! Our solar generators can work without solar panels, as they can be recharged from AC charger


3. How many hours can I run your solar generator?

The runtime of our generators are solely dependent on your device’s power consumption. 

However, each model of our solar generators have detailed description of an estimated runtime for a particular type of load.

Higher models run bigger loads and run longer than lower models


4. How many years can my generator last?

Our solar generators are ruggedly made to last up to 10 years. The lithium battery may grow weak over this period. It can be replaced so you keep on enjoying your generator for many more years.


5. Can it power my fridge, Tv, etc

We have models that can power refrigerators, Tv sets and so much more. Each model has its own power capability